Thursday, September 28, 2006


I had no idea when I bought Eryn the whole Captain Underpants series that I was doing my part to prepare for the ALA Banned Books Week (this week!). I have to admit - a little violent, a little gross - but it has been revealed that I let her play Zombies! the boardgame, so in light of that, rather mild. You can't talk your way through everything with your children - some things just aren't age appropriate - but you can talk your way through the mature themes of a Captain Underpants novel.

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She says said...

Good links. I wanted to propose a few banned books to my reading club -- because if someone doesn't want you to read them, then they gotta have something good, right? So this is helpful.

I remember hearing when I was a kid that Judy Blume was banned. I *lived* for Judy Blume books. I think it's because one of them has masturbation in it... but silly me, I didn't have a clue back then.