Friday, September 29, 2006

The Marine

Wow...shades of Reagan-era Rambo. I had no ideas that when my friend Dan'l was in the Marines he was learning all these cool fighting maneuvers and having sexy women just drop their panties for him. Well...maybe in the Phillipines, but I bet they weren't sexy in quite the same way.

Pooteewheet snorted at the last lines, "What happened?" "The Marines showed up, that's what." and then made a diddling joke. She's funny.

Speaking of Dan'l, I have to apologize to Cookie Queen for handing her off to Pooteewheet last night when she was talking to me about important things. I was NOT trying to get rid of her and the phone to do something else, I was just fairly certain that Pooteewheet is a much more verbally empathic individual than me and would want to know all the details. That means I'd have to have all the details, and I'm not always a good question asker. Usually I get information and miss the questions and fret and worry while I slowly learn all the details over the next x days/weeks. Pooteewheet, on the other hand, asks questions for a living, and I know how to interrogate her for details (and did). So in the Scooter household, very important information should generally go through her, to me. Saves everyone a lot of follow up phone calls and a very nervous Scooter. Hope it's all just a bit of fretting for no reason whatsoever, CQ.

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Anonymous said...

not a problem! I did not feel slighted at all.