Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Who the Hell is Calliope

I was commenting on my sister's blog today about her television line up, and made note of the fact that Lost, with all it's pseudo-scientific/semi-supernatural happenings is no different than Days of Our Lives when Q and Calliope were on the show when you really think about it (I try not to, as I watch Lost).

For those of you who may not have spent the summer farming with your grandparents in Montana over twenty years ago, when the only things to do were listen to the Twins on the tractor radio while you plowed and picked rock, or hang with your grandma at the trailer home watching Days of Our Lives and eating vienna sausages (honestly, they turn my stomach now), there was a time when John de Lancie (better known as Q on Star Trek TNG) was a regular named Eugene Bradford with a thing for Calliope Jones.

What does that have to do with supernaturalism and science fiction...I offer some excerpts...

"After Roman moved in he figured out that the ghosts Eugene was seeing was actually a computer hologram that Stefano DiMera had rigged to make Eugene
crazy, Stefano was after Eugene's family Talisman."


"In 1984 Eugene and Bo learned about three prisms designed by Larry Welches father. Stefano wanted these prisms to heal an inoperable brain tumor he had. One prism was in the belly of an alligator, another in a necklace owned by Daphne DiMera which fell into Calliope Jones' hands, and the third in Russia."

And most importantly...
"In 1986, shortly after their marriage, Eugene disappeared along with a time machine he was working on. Eugene returned in 1989 and hid in Kimberly Donovan's basement. Eugene had traveled into the future and built an android version of Calliope, which he brought back to the present. Eugene and Calliope were finally reunited, but men from the future came seeking Eugene's Calliope android and inadvertently took the real Calliope captive by mistake. Eugene managed to free Calliope and the two settled back down. Eugene went downstairs with the Baka, and presumably disappeared in his time machine."

One post I read out there commented that the time machine must have been how de Lancie made it to Star Trek TNG.

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