Saturday, September 23, 2006


Seems there are coworkers who have smaller cubes than mine. It's good to know we all share a love of coffee, regardless of the location of the subsidiary.

A word of warning that that's not a very exciting video - I was just amused to see that plugging my company's name into YouTube garnered a result or two.

Speaking of small cubes, one of my coworkers sent an email the other day noting that the treat list treats had been left on the filing cabinets by my cube. Addresses for cubes generally follow the designation Floor-CubeGridLocation. However, my area shares an extra designation for our cubes, so it's actually Floor-MailStop-CubeGridLocation. TreatGuy mocked our setup by noting that the treats could be found near something that had an address vaguely like E4-33B-62995-88F-PQ#S3-222222, stressing the difference between my little 6x6 foot abode, and the domains of other developers. Actually, that new address made my cube seem very big. After all, how small could it be with that many characters? You have to at least be able to fit the address on a sign on the outer wall.

Now, this brings up the issue of why do I have a mailstop address in my cube address while others do not? Well, that's because unlike other areas, when I was moved to a smaller cube, there was no central mailbox area. So instead, mail was dropped into a big, plastic bucket and we had to sort through it to find our mail amongst all the old eWeeks that people would leave sitting in there for months. Now there are mailboxes, and the process is different. We sort through the big bucket, and put the mail in the boxes, and then take them out again when we feel they've been appropriately delivered to us by ourselves (at least you can get the eWeeks out of the way). So, you might ask, where's the box? It has its own cube. Yes...I am exactly as important, space wise, as a plastic U.S. Postal box full of junk mail. At least I'm better off than the printers, they have to share a cube.

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