Thursday, September 21, 2006


People told me I was being unnaturally quiet yesterday, and maybe a bit today. I wasn't convinced, until Eryn asked me, "Dad, why are you being so quiet?" I must be one noisy bastard most of the time. Maybe I got some noise out of my system while I was at Old Chicago on Tuesday with some co-workers. I hit the bar for a wide variety of beer with Skippy, Tall Brad, Pete Ryan, Scott H and Erik the Hairy Swede. It wasn't a happy hour or anything - just an excuse to get together with developers (or at least people who used to develop) all over work and talk shop, beer, etc. I got a little wild at the end talking line of sight - the lack of structure in training developers to achieve, and making sure there's space for them to achieve, and be rewarded for achievement, is a button issue for me. The whole "throw 'em all into the cubicular wild and see who floats into the biggest cube" is of questionable validity as far as I'm concerned and costs a company a lot of skills. It was probably that last Mojo that really got me going.

Hope you found a replacement car, Pete.

Speaking of talking shop, Boing Boing notes that O'Reilly has all their code samples on line in a searchable database. That is sweet.

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pete said...

The lady is getting a loaded Chevy HHR. She better like it. The beer time was fun, we must do it again!