Wednesday, August 09, 2006

non sequitur

Pooteewheet and I were watching "So You Think You Have Talent" (or something similar in name) last week and a family group called Gaelic Spring came on to dance and play instruments and etc. When they were done Pooteewheet said, "They remind me of the Aristocrats". She's a keeper.

At work I got a spy phone. I got a spy phone. I got a spy phone. Hey lady, I got a spy phone. (That's a Simpson's reference). My favorite part is when Tall Brad calls and the phone says I've got a call from BJ. He should call me every day just to cheer me up. He won't have to talk to me - just seeing that on the phone display is enough.

One of my coworkers said of our intern, "Blake touches everything." Does that mean if someone is really productive they're Lewinsky-esque?

Today, at one point, I was actually receiving email at a faster rate than I could read and subfolder (categorize) it. Not just status emails and such, but actual "someone needs you to respond to this" emails. 50-some while I was gone to lunch for an hour. I need to write an AI bot that'll pass a turing test - it's the only way to maintain sanity.

I think Eryn would give Pooh's Heffalump movie 5 stars out of 5. Not that you should watch it if you're significantly older than 5.

The track lighting in my kitchen is not burned out nor shorted's all merely screwed in so tight from the previous tennant that it seems to have ceased working. I had to turn until I was afraid I was going to shatter a bulb in my hand. But for the first time in several months, I can see what I'm cooking.

I saw Will Steger yesterday - he came to work to talk about global warming. Then today The Blotter goes on about the Alps disintegrating, which is exactly what the executive who spoke before Will was telling us about when he was in Switzerland, hiking, with his wife, in the mountains...damn it. That's not inspiring and a warning about global warming - it just makes me very jealous I haven't been to Switzerland. Ming said he left Will Steger's presentation during the Q&A when someone asked whether we could harness methane release from the permafrost. I noted that he missed the follow up where we all tried to catch our own farts.

Eryn got a new valance from my mother for her room that matches her bed spread. I thought it was a really short dust ruffle for her bed (I have to say "for her bed" because otherwise dust ruffle doesn't make any sense if you're a guy).

My Captain Underpants name, as determined by Pippy Pee-Pee Poopypants, is Snotty Bananabrains.

God of War, despite all the violence and heaving bosoms, is a heck of a lot of fun and absolutely beautiful. I like ripping the wings off harpies with my bare hands.

Ruby on's about time I learned something new and Java seems so....old.

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