Tuesday, August 08, 2006

30 Miles and Change

Ming, Scott and I went on a 30 mile ride into Minneapolis today, hugging the creek and lakes on our way up from Eagan. Actually, Scott did 44 miles, but that's his own fault. My favorite part of the ride...Scott is discussing his relatives with better jobs than him. This includes a cousin that traveled southeast Asia gathering noodle recipes in order to open a noodle restaurant. Normally this wouldn't be a very funny story, but if your other rider is Malaysian, it becomes funny because he has to point out (with some goading from me because he wasn't close enough to hear the story the first time) that the damn Americans are stealing the noodle recipes and it's not much different than 15th and 16th century colonialism.

So Scott responds that it wasn't so much stealing as taking them and "making them better". That made me laugh and I noted it was probably much more p.c. to state that they were "Americanized" as there's no connotation that they were lacking in the first place. To which Ming responds (I paraphrase), "Yeah, just add a fortune cookie."

That's good biking banter.

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Anonymous said...

It was a very nice bike ride. I enjoyed it. Larry could have joined us, but No....he had to go on a family vacation with his bosses (wife and daughter).