Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kline is a Wanker

The first piece of mail I received from Kline this year and it's a flyer explaining that Rowley is full of dirty tricks. Listen you piece of crap - I know you could give a fig about my family if you knew I was a dirty liberal, but did it ever occur to you that even if I was independent, seeing your name next to the trash cans in my neighborhood followed by a flyer whining aboutRowley's dirty tricks rather than a statement of positive things you've achieved might not encourage me to give you my vote?

Where's the part about how you're being sued by a U.S. Marine?

Where's the bit explaining how you used your stationary and taxpayer-funded mailing?

Explain harrassing bloggers...

And sure as hell don't offer any details...after all, according to the G.O.P. the accusation is often the truth if it's repeated often enough.

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