Thursday, August 10, 2006


I bought three tickets to Spamalot today at work, row D on the mezzanine. One is not for Eryn, but for most of you, that also does not mean it's for you. It's for Kyle - he's a Monty Python fan and deserves a ticket. Future girlfriends do not. They (she) can meet us for drinks afterward. I told my wife any future girlfriends she finds can't go either, but that Kyle might give up his ticket if she traded him the video. She scoffed! Scoffed! She's a real downer.

Oh well.

The truly weird part about Spamalot is that the tickets I bought are for almost a full year in the future. Seriously, August of 2007! I don't think I've ever bought something for twelve months out unless it's a cell phone plan, and even that makes me edgy. I consider it a bold move forward - along the lines of making plans for New Year's Eve 2025. I'm accepting suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Jen scoffed at the idea that I would give up the ticket for the video? Of course I would trade her the ticket for the video!

Hmm, now that I'm thinking about it, maybe that wasn't what she was scoffing at huh? You're right - she is being a downer.

She says said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Spamalot and I am not a member of the cult of Monty. But I LOVED LOVED LOVED it and think you are absolutely right to pre-purchase these tickets. Guaranteed side-splitting fun.

(Hope that doesn't make PTW mad at you for not including her..!)

Anonymous said...

I'm hurt you didn't include us! Dan and I love Monty Python - I even quoted "every sperm is sacred" on your sister's blog!

Scooter said...

Sorry CQ -the lady with the tickets at work (our version of a concierge) told me they were selling out immediately and they were pretty damn expensive. I wasn't sure what protocol was.