Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Donald Rumsfeld and Captain Underpants

Eryn has graduated to a new level of book. After spending an hour at Target the other day, looking for something as a no-time-with-Daddy day present, I finally spied a Captain Underpants book. I remembered reading them for the kids at Garlough Elementary, so I picked her up the first 112 page installment. Might I say, bravo to me. There is nothing quite like moving from constant re-readings of picture books to a book that you can read over several nights without fear of memorizing it, particularly when it's not a book you're reading just for your own sanity, but something the tyke really enjoys. So the new habit - we read Captain Underpants before bed, and for a big chunk of time after bedtime Eryn reads easier books by herself. She's getting pretty fast at reading and I think that's making it more enjoyable for her as she's turning into a little bedtime bookworm.

Yesterday, when my Dad was in town, we went out for dinner and stopped at Half Price to pick up the rest of the Captain Underpants books (and Dahl's The Twits and the first Treehouse book). They were on clearance, which is like finding lost money in your underwear drawer. Anyway, when we were done shopping, we went into the Apple Valley Half Price Books lot, and a man in a red pickup next to our car managed to get Pooteewheet's attention and ask several questions about our Ford Focus and whether we liked it. When she got in the car I said (paraphrasing, but darn close):

"Hey, wasn't that, you know..."

"Donald Rumsfeld?"

"Yeah...what did he want?"

"He wanted to know about how we like our Focus."

Donald Rumsfeld, in the parking lot at Apple Valley asking about our Ford Focus, truly a brush with fame.

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