Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Slide Jumping

Mostly just for the grandparents and Cookie Queen. When I first came down the stairs, Eryn and Conner were doing this with just the bean bag. I added all sorts of padding from the basement bedroom and then checked in upstairs to see if I was engaging in good parenting by letting them continue. Eryn so seldom does anything physically wild that this was really sort of a surprise.


Anonymous said...

Based on the video, I'm glad they had the forethought to include a bean bag at the bottom of the jump. Very good planning on their part... I only wonder what extreme sports await once they grow tired of extreme slide diving :)

LissyJo said...

Sheesh...i'm glad Baby wasn't there to learn such bad habits! Apparently, what she learned the last time she spent time with Eryn was how to stand on a chair and say, "Sit, please!"