Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Morning Ad Hoc

I need breakfast...I'm sure it's at The Louisiana Grill and I have to pick up a baby saucer for a Chinese adoptee today (did Korean adoptees decide to use the acronym KADs just to force Chinese adoptees to use the acronym CADs?) from my brother in law, and they're in the same general area - kismet!

Three Ways News (Jambo) has a post about the Maplewood Church and their 20% walkout over tying Christianity to politics (the right 20% left...haha...punny).

He said Christians these days were constantly outraged about sex and perceived violations of their rights to display their faith in public...“Those are the two buttons to push if you want to get Christians to act,” he said. “And those are the two buttons Jesus never pushed.”
Religion News Blog has a post about Ole Anthony, an ex-religious television guy who spends his time de-bunking evangelicals. I posted about Ole once before in December 2004 because he hails from St. Peter, Minnesota.
"If somebody comes to you in the name of God asking for money, shun him. He's a false Apostle."
And the Dakotas are experiencing a serious drought. No doubt because God favors their actions and wants to let everyone know where they are so they can read about their god-fearing ways. The mayor of Steele, North Dakota, thinks they'd be better off with a snow storm. Seems he can tell the difference between extremes of weather and extremes of impact of that weather, unlike the nutjob who wrote the urban legend letter about how a snow storm in the Mondak was the equivalent of a hurricane in New Orleans. Remember, you think federal assistance is for losers, so just buck it up - hopefully god isn't turning you into some sort of desert to demonstrate a point.

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