Thursday, April 27, 2006

Commuting Notes

I'm up to 145 miles or so of bicycle commuting in the last three weeks. I bike to work pulling the Burley, and then pick my daughter up on the way home from daycare on her daycare days. That leaves me a few days without her because she's not full time daycare, and I try to remember to haul an extra set of clothes in on the Burley days so I don't have to pack them into a sack on days I can open up and go some extra distance. It's a little strange leaving the car sitting in the garage for up to 9 days at a time, and I'm not saving any great amount of money (I'm close to work and have good gas mileage on my Saturn), but I feel like I have more energy and I'm definitely more cheerful.

Three notes from today's commute:
1.) To the Eagan Fire Station: the quote on your board, "Just use your head, figuratively, wear a helmet" should appropriately be "literally, wear a helmet", because you're going to actually use your physical head to install the helmet. I think I can see the figurative part - maybe you mean "think real hard about it", but I think that's the more common use of "use your head", so it really should be "literally". I'm open to being convinced otherwise.

2.) To the guy whose golf ball was sitting on the corner of Cliff and Pilot Knob: dude, the closest golf course is way way up the hill and over the top, and there's a bunch of trees between that dogleg right and the road on the 18th hole - I know, I've played the course. You are a seriously bad...bad...golfer. But my daughter appreciates the free golf ball.

3.) Only one person took a right turn in front of me and cut me off as I was on the bike trail (see the comments at the very bottom), forcing me to stop. That's a record (in a good way) so far this season.

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