Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bring Your Child to Work Day

My child isn't old enough for bring your child to work day, but my coworkers have kids the right ages. One even made his kid get on her bike and commute to work with him because he's been biking to work lately. They set up virtual courses on our development system today for them and let them play around with the system - maybe not real coding, but enough to make them UI experts.

The coworker who had his little girl bike to work told me a story about his daughter and today that I thought I'd share, hopefully I get it correct.

After the tour and all the activities were done, Coworker's daughter noted that last year he'd been on floor one of the building, and now he was on floor two. Did that mean he was moving up and becoming more important (it took him a long time to get to floor two, so he'll probably be dead before he gets to floor six). Standing in the middle of his new cube, a mere 60% the size of his old one, with lower walls, more noise and a mail box that's basically a big shared plastic tub, he replied, "This is not what important looks like."

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