Thursday, April 27, 2006

Scooter Quest 2006

I like to keep my goals in life small - it makes it easy to succeed. That said, Eryn got a new fish tank from Kyle for her birthday and a gift certificate so she can buy some fish. I have this overriding urge that she name her fish after people I know at work. But they're not my fish, and it's not really my right to name them and, if anything, she should name one after the person who bought the tank for her, although I think a fish named Kyle might be more at home in a fish tank full of beer, little pieces of other fish and wasabi and soy sauce.

So, I've set my sights low and I'm hoping she'll name just one fish after one of my coworkers - one who can obviously be representin' for all of them. That's my Scooter Quest 2006. The fish I'm sure is necessary that makes the most sense to name after a coworker is the plecostomus (that's him upper left). Hangin' out, looking dark, gloomy and grumpy, though of essential purpose and an integral part of the group, and trailing some occassional mucus (in this case fish-related, not allergies) - I'm talking about you Mean Mr. Mustard - but your real name, not 3M. I'll let you know how it goes after the tank is in place.

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