Friday, March 24, 2006

A Few Videos

Boing Boing and Wonkette had a few videos worth watching if you're interested and not on a slow connection (or if you're very patient, like me):

I'm pretty sure the lesions and crazy skin rashes would be enough to get me to the doctor, even without insurance - but then I've seen the Walt Disney Studios VD video before, so I know the dangers of Syphilis and Gonorrhea and that shame, ignorance and fear are just their tools (16 minutes - 1973). And that eucalyptus cure works, but only for koala bears (link from Boing Boing).

A strange commercial about women in bathrooms that smacks of what women often accuse men of engaging in - just get it over, whip it out, and see who has the biggest one so we can just all go home.

Pierce Bush, G.W.'s nephew, apparently high or suffering from a lack of sleep and too much caffeine, defending his uncle's policies. What a tool. You can read a text review of his interview over at World O' Crap.

And this isn't a video, but it's from Boing Boing and it's unnervingly disturbing, particularly as I was just watching the new Doctor Who on Friday night Sci Fi and they were playing a Britney song on the Wurlitzer (which a stretched out human 5 billion years in the future was sure was what humans used to call an iPod). A statue of Britney Spears giving birth, complete with crowning head - ewwww! That's just nasty - hope you're all reading right before bedtime.


Anonymous said...

shudder. Pierce Bush will forever be associated with shanker sores in my mind.

She says said...

You beat WaPo, which just wrote about this sculpture today.