Saturday, March 25, 2006

I spoke too soon

I spoke too soon. According to Race, the laptop expert at the Geek Squard, moisture can hang around on the boards for weeks, or longer, until it feels the desire to destroy your computer. In the case of my juiced laptop, the period in question was about 36 hours. It now has a dead power board that will cost $300-$400 to replace (have to order a new one from the manufacturer and have it delivered), not including the labor for installation (I'll install anything on a desktop - but laptops are trickier). I should have known something horrible was on it's way to bite me in the ass - I've never gotten my yearly bonus without a $1200 bill for car repairs, water heater, etc., and this year I tried to dump it on the house loan before it could get sucked up by fate. Fate obviously understood my trickery and took offense.

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