Thursday, March 23, 2006

So Much for Live Blogging from Liberally Drinking

...because if the trend toward arresting drunks in bars for public intoxication spreads from San Antonio, Texas, to up here, it might put a crimp in all those lubricated tongues. And doesn't this practice really put a crimp in exceptions to Texas's open container law? Or is the assumption you're drinking on the bus by yourself?
If I am on a chartered bus with a hired driver, can I legally drink alcohol on the bus?
Drinking alcohol in the passenger area of a vehicle designed to transport passengers for compensation is allowed under Texas law. Buses, limousines, and taxis fall under this clause. Also, passengers in motor homes and trailer homes are exempt as well.

By the way, is "infiltration" really necessary? Can't the police just walk in and find more than one person to arrest? I can generally find two or three in any bar I enter.
The first sting operation was conducted recently in a Dallas suburb where agents infiltrated 36 bars and arrested 30 people for public intoxication

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Anonymous said...

You could call and talk to your Aunt Arlis in San Antonio to get the direct scoop!