Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Stink of Flesh

Pooteewheet and I have been on a movie-watching frenzy lately. The bad thing about that is that when it happens, we (it's not just me) have a habit of throwing a few movies to the top of our Netflix queue that serve to round out the various genres we're watching. Sometimes, when the movie is not carefully checked out before hand, and it's a horror movie, this can have disastrous consequences. In this instance, my lack of research put us in front of "The Stink of Flesh", a "no budget cinema" production about zombies, wife/zombie swapping, zombie ultimate fighting, and a truly atrocious reverse-mullet hair style (party in the front, business in back), crossed with some sort of plot resembling "The Bad Seed". It was bad...very bad, and I can't imagine why anyone would go to the trouble of watching it, let alone watching a documentary about the making of the movie. I'd write a snarky review, but I think a reviewer at IMDB sums it up rather nicely when he notes, "Anyway, if you don't expect even adequate acting from horror movies, and don't mind seeing people who look like they are from the local Applebee's naked, you may be able to enjoy this movie more fully."

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