Friday, February 03, 2006

Politopia - Scooter loves Hitler?

Chris, at After School Snack, had a link to the Politopia quiz at the Institute for Humane Studies. One of those things where you answer a series of questions and they dump you on a x/y/-x/-y grid that places you somewhere in a political context with other famous individuals, like Drew Carey (?). I am apparently a southerner, though based on how the south voted in the last election, this doesn't make much sense. Anyway, it appears the right is right...I am, according to this quiz, almost the political equivalent of Hitler. Not as East as him, but actually south of him. It looks as though FDR and I would have been bosum buddies (I wanna be Kip, he got to be the rich one. FDR has to be Henry because he had to do "Honey I Shrunk the Kids"). As for being pleased with the government - I guess that depends on which administration and their simultaneous attention to the poor and fiscal responsibility. I know I'm an idealist because I think you can have both.
Chris was wondering if the map ever looked different than the strange land of Drew Carey, Rush Limbaugh, and mainstreamist GW that both he and I got in our response. I think he was in too much of a hurry to get away from the site - if he'd have taken the test twice, he would have noticed that it does change.

And if you actually follow it through to the third iteration, it becomes self-referencing.

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PTW said...

HUGE shock, I land as far South and just barely West of where you do.