Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Stand Corrected

There is something to blog about today - Chimpy came to my state and made no sense. I believe it's important to realize that individuals in my sister's profession (though she's not an NP yet) are missing from 1500 counties because there aren't doctors in those counties to make sure they do things right - or maybe GW thinks OBs won't go to a county where they can't find a doc to marry. Go read the rest and see how well he talks to a tech company.
Another aspect of making sure that medicine is affordable and available is -- listen, there's too many lawsuits. I said a startling statistic the other night: Do you realize there are 1,500 counties in America without an OB/GYN? Now, think about that. And the reason why is a lot of good docs are getting run out of practice because of needless lawsuits.

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PTW said...

I like this bit about teaching: "Sometimes you have a good teacher sitting there, but they really don't understand what works when it teaches -- how to teach a child math." Do you think Chimpy's teacher knowed how to learn him to talk good?

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