Thursday, February 02, 2006


For lack of anything better to write about, other than that the Joint Chiefs of Staff harrassing some cartoonist is absolutely true, lame, and indicative of a total disconnect on their part (why don't you all write a letter to Dalton Trumbo while you're at it -- it's the thought that counts; it doesn't matter that he's dead -- and I'd go after those Murderball guys - those kids from the services they're talking to at the end are a poster for not letting your kid anywhere near a war), I'm just going to provide a link to a fine (and short) piece of posting over at World o'Crap - namely that the right is worried that terrorists intend to attack the United States very soon, shattering our national will by striking at what constitutes the heart of Americanism, gathering in stadiums to discuss controlling our wives...wait...wait...that's Promisekeepers... Ah, they mean the Superbowl. It's true! WorldNetDaily has been consulting Madonna (and Ashton Kutcher), and the numerology/kabbalah all works out - sometime between September 9 of last year and September 1 of this year, something might happen because there are dates in that range important to terrorists. Remember:
Yes, violent, radical Muslims would love to destroy our culture by killing people at the top American football game 20.65% (32)

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