Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'd say this was unnecessary...

...because I'd mounted a webcam on my wang, but that brings into question the sorts of maneuvers involved, and that's just the most obviously disturbing question one could address.

Is there a need for a vibrator with a mounted camera (nsfw - from Regina Lynn at Sex Drive Daily) if you're not a gynecologist or a proctologist (and really, couldn't they settle for a non-vibrating dildo)? And why do you have to plug it in? Is it too much to ask for an infrared port or something - after all, if they can put ports on Playstation controllers, they should be able to insert...wait, let's say "install"...them on personal toys. RCA jacks indeed.

"Look Deep Inside of Me!

Revolutionary, insertable, micro-camera for internal viewing action!! Powerful, multispeed, vibrating stimulator with a microsized, close-up lens camera that can be inserted for your viewing pleasure. Easily plug into your television or record on your VCR. Includes removable Silicone tickler sleeve and RCA jacks for your convenience. Uses 4 AA batteries, not included."

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Joe said...

Oh, come on. My keyboard is bluetooth. Much more reliable than infrared. Especially considering there may be some amount of... erratic movement involved.

That's right. I'm demanding bluetooth camera-mounted vibrators. And it better be compatible with macs. I know finding a cell phone that works with macs is more of a chore than it should be...