Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Absolutely the Craziest Statement I've Read in a While

Lewis Black has a bit about hearing a statement at a coffee shop that was so out of context and weird that it bothered him to the point of driving him insane. I think that today, PZ Myers crossed this threshold when he wrote:

"I've got a set of procedures that allow me to generate one-eyed fish at will."

Regardless of whether it's true, and I'm sure it is, it's one of those phrases that will bother you whenever you see a fish, read The Odyssey, encounter a biologist, or hear someone create a new euphemism for wanking. And how the hell does one make a hobby out of studying one-eyed biological defects? I think my upbringing unjustly circumscribed my possible hobbies in comparison. Feel free to follow that link and check out his cyclopia collection, by the way - downright peculiar.

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