Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dan Has a Banana on His Head

Yesterday was board gaming day - the first one in many months. We usually schedule around my friend Adam coming down from Brainerd, but he was in a car accident and couldn't come. No one was hurt, but I'm sure he's a bit freaked out going in the ditch with a pregnant wife.

Eight people showed up to drink and play cards and board games, the hard core gamers like Chari and Kyle lasting from ten a.m. until what seemed to be almost midnight. If you include the breakfast trip to Jensen's new breakfast joint by 35W, it actually lasted a few hours longer than that. Jensen's is great, and if you're looking for a breakfast review, the food was delicious, the brown sugar infused maple syrup was unique, and the cheesy hashbrowns were particularly exceptional. It runs a bit on the more expensive side for breakfast, but that's also reflected in the service - I couldn't put my cup of coffee down without getting a refill, which is hard to find nowadays. And it's not Perkin's, yet south of Bloomington - which is unbelievable.

As for actual gaming, Steve got to play The Bootleggers game he'd been eyeing last time he was here. And he won. He also put in quite a showing on Settlers of the Stone Age right at the end of that game, but I think his win at Bootleggers may have convinced two other players at the table that he was a threat. Chari was just irritated she wasn't winning any games at all. And Cindy's brother Paul (Sean's brother in law) seemed particularly enthused that there was a never-ending array of card game opponents.

As for my friend, Dan'l, he put in a good showing, but toward the end of the evening all the cans of Miller beer began to catch up with him. Here he is on the couch downstairs.

Dan'l has a banana on his head
Dan'l has a banana on his head
Dan'l has a banana on his head
And he keeps it there all night...


Steve Eck said...

I had a good time, thanks for inviting me.

And I like the picture of Dan, with the planted (I assume) empty bottle.

Scooter said...

It was mostly empty when he started, and I think at least Chari was helping him to finish it off.

Christian said...

Oddly enough, I played Settlers of Catan this weekend as well, though we only played the 5-6 player expansion. I learned on the German set (Die Siedler), so the American version can be a bit jarring. Have you ever played Fluxx, Carcasonne or Bohnanza? All good games.

Thanks for reading and commenting on the stories, by the way. I appreciate it.

She says said...

Is that a banana on his head or was he just happy to see you...?

(sorry... couldn't. restrain. myself.)

PTW said...

I had a shot of the Jack, too.