Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gay Cowboys, the Jazz, and well...

I think this is almost what bloggers call a carnival - except it's just me - basically a list of things that are intricately interrelated but in some respects varied in their location and theme. The topic - Brokeback Mountain. Have I seen it? Unfortunately, no. I want to - but Pooteewheet and I haven't had a good chance to do the spousal movie swap lately (oh yeah, we swing that way), so there's been been nothing since The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (actually, I went to The Producers with my dad, but I'm going to dismiss it and pretend I didn't as neither he nor I liked it, unless you count Umma Thurman's jiggling. By the way, speaking of Narnia, my sister Allison is Jesus -Eryn told us so, she said "Aslan, Ceri, and Amelie" and then picked up her Burger King Aslan the Lion plastic toy (Mean Mr. Mustard has the Burger King Mr. Tumnus whistle - blow him Mr. Mustard, blow him!).

Ok, enough digressing...on to some blogging about Brokeback Mountain, which I haven't seen (but will).
  • Salt Lake Tribune article about Larry Miller removing Brokeback Mountain from his movie theaters, yet still showing Hostel - link. Erik (the Hairy Swede) told me about this, and I thought he was talking about Minnesota, but apparently I can't read every blog article in my aggregator, because I would have made the connection.
  • Reader of the Salt Lake Tribune complaining about Larry Miller showing Hostel while removing Brokeback Mountain: link.
  • Video of Larry Miller getting really pissed because the press won't just ignore his bigotry towards gays like they would have in the good ole' gay-bashing days (are they actually gone?), or like they would if this were the country GW wants or like they would if we were the United State of Utah: link.
  • Honestly, gay cowboys are really, really, really frightening and threatening to red state America - they don't know how to cope with The Village People: link.
  • But Cheney has reviewed Brokeback Mountain: link.
  • And Larry Miller is offering some other Jazz promotions: link.
  • And maybe it doesn't matter because Grandma's Boy (please let Nick Swardson be good, please let Nick Swardson be good) is also an issue (Savage Love at the City Pages - see the bottom article): link.
  • And just more on Larry Miller and Brokeback Mountain if you must have more: link.
  • And, oh yeah, it won like four (4) golden globes after seven nominations, including best picture: link.
  • And the golden globes are where George Clooney looked yummy in his tux, and gave a nice little speech criticizing Abramoff: link (video).

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