Monday, January 23, 2006

Rebel or Thief

"Rebel or Thief" - I think that will be the title of a book on the way sooner or later about the Bush administration. I know this because my mother wasted her money on postage to send me "American Compass" the Conservative Alternative book club. She's not a conservative mother worried about her liberal son, just a smartass on the wrong mailing lists. If I join today (which was also yesterday and the day before), I can get five books for only a dollar, including literary excitement like "Condi vs. Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race", Trent Lott's "Herding Cats", Chuck Norris's "Against All Odds: My Story", "Thank You, President Bush" which includes essays praising GW by such illuminaries as his own brother (maybe he's got a slow connection so he can't see why so many people interviewed for MN Stories think he's "awesome"), and the highlighted book of the moment, "Rebel in Chief" (that's a review by Patriotboy, btw, not an Amazon link) by Fred Barnes. You can only imagine the depths of my deficit of enthusiasm. I noticed he (GW, not Fred Barnes) was on the television upstairs today, and pointedly ignored him because he was making that old-man-without-his-teeth face he often makes when you know he's perhaps moved off the script and is making things up, and the transcript of the fantasy is always available later anyway. But let's review what made him a rebel today.

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