Saturday, September 10, 2005

Organic HTML

Information Aesthetics has a link to a site/flash application called Organic HTML. There are no real rules to Organic HTML other than that it takes a website and based on colors, size, links and who knows what else creates a sort of alien-looking flower of varying complexity, brilliance and infestation. While rather perplexing without any rules, it is vaguely addicting, particularly when you know that it is possible to generate flies, leading to numerous tries until you find final satisfaction in creating a few bugs.

On to many, many sites, though if I seem to have forgotten you, don't take it personally - it says nothing about your importance to me or the importance of your blog to me or even the order of your blog in my aggregator. First, my site, Really weedy looking and some dark mushrooms. I can only assume all those little appendages are wikipedia links. The black mushrooms must be links to Mean Mr. Mustard, he's the closest person I know to mushroomdom. I'd show Pooteewheet's site, but it looks incredibly similar - which is sort of romantic.

My home page - not changed in many years. Sparse, pruned, lacking in flair, but sort of bonsai-ish.

Speaking of Mean Mr. Mustard, his flower is much more attractive than mine - some light blues and reds, fading into purple. Soothing and relaxed, and so unlike him. However, that big stick growing out the side that you could use to beat someone annoying with - that's sort of like him.

Yet another friend, Klund. Tall. There's probably something sarcastic hiding behind that main stalk.

And Mr. Mustard's favorite site, Worth 1000. Now we've got something interesting - big, bright, all over the place, but undoubtedly photoshopped just to show off and part of a project entitled "What would Worth 1000 look like if it were a plant" - rate it 2.01.

The Wege's site, Norwegianity. Also bonsai-ish, although it looks like there's an albino mermaid hiding in some seaweed in the center - probably a guest poster.

After School Snack (Elise, Matt, Chris and Alex). Elegant and at least four colors, which is appropriate, though don't ask me to guess which color is which person, because that always gets me in trouble on my site.

The Powerliberal. Maybe Robin's just too worried about the Drinking Liberally drink kitty to worry about whether her plant looks good on Organic. That's just good prioritization.

MNSpeak. Fresh, vibrant, new - the deathly colors of a morning that left twenty below behind several hours ago and has ventured in new territories so cold you can't even find them on your thermometer, just like Minnesotans like.

New Patriot - seemingly very patriotic.

Some of the big timers.


AmericaBLOG - there's a heart of gold tucked away in there.

Dave Neiwert at Orcinus - professional looking, yet spirited.

Jesus' General - looks like a flag pole in the middle.

World o' Crap - so long that you have to click to see how it's different from the rest. I picture two very long arms reaching out to grab crap from where ever they can find it.

The American Street

Crooks and Liars - jump through the circle of truth, fools, because if you don't, we've got it on camera!

Wonkette -this seems entirely appropriate.

The Revealer - inclusive looking, just like them.

Boing Boing. So not what I expected.

Planet Dan - perhaps this refers to the idea that examining the silliest aspects of our society always leads full circle - or maybe it's just the shape of a kickball. More likely, it's a hoop that the world's ugliest dog can jump through.

Finally, I managed to find some flies. It was a tough search. Believe it or not, I didn't look for hours and hours. These two happened to be two out of only four sites I tried once I started a fly search, which included The White House, Minnesota's unfortunate blog of the year, and these two sites. I circled the flies with red circles in the first one so you know what to look for in the second.

This one is

And this one is FEMA.


MeanMrMustard said...

Congratulations, scooter -- you've hit the big time. :)

Dr. David Hauser said...

Animation gets you flies. Try for example the bouncing badgers.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps multimedia has something to do with the flies? One of the first blogs I ran through was the One Good Move blog ( and it has a bunch of flies.