Friday, September 30, 2005

Ken Barlow - Hunkalicious (say some)

One of the nice things about members of your family blogging is that you don't have to out their deep, dark, dirty secrets on your blog, as they're likely to do it themselves. My sister achieves this today with a post acknowledging her sick obsession with Ken Barlow, an obsession that has shamed my family for a decade, and will now embarrass my niece well into her college years.
"A few years later, i wrote him a poem. I tried to make it cute and rhyme and my only purpose was to get a signed picture of him for my apartment. The poem turned out to be sort of stalker-like (i dotted every "i" with a heart), and i didn't get a photo. :( "


LissyJo said...

Dude. I didn't say "hunkalicious," you did.

Scooter said...

Didn't say you did - just said some did...I could change it to "imply" if you feel you were implying he was hunkalicious and it was a reference to you.