Thursday, September 29, 2005

Officers Deserted a Jail Building, Leaving Inmates Locked in Cells

"Of all the nightmares during Hurricane Katrina, this must be one of the worst. Prisoners were abandoned in their cells without food or water for days as floodwaters rose toward the ceiling." - Corinne Carey, researcher, U.S. Program, Human Rights Watch
Worse than putting patients to death because there was no way to evacuate them? Any worse than how the other 923 official deaths (I agree with The Wege that there's a lot of counting left to do) met their end in a city that was shafted by a national discussion about what makes a great country versus what makes a great, Christian, country where the "deserving" don't have to pay for the "undeserving" because money = heavenly approval (among other things)? There isn't a worst; there's simply an unending list of what was unnecessary, unwarranted, unjustifiable and underwater.

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