Sunday, October 02, 2005

Malaysian Lullaby

Knowing one of the few Malaysians in Minnesota, I feel it's my duty to keep them informed of important developments at home, and Boing Boing has brought one such development to my attention. I am very disappointed Julie didn't sing us her entry at last night's Chilifest... "Lovely apong, father of our child, leave your cube and privacy pole, and stay at home a while...sleep the sleep of the content and sound, we've chopped up Mr. Mustard and winning lottery numbers found..."
[The] Islamic government of the northeastern [Malaysian] state of Kelantan will hold a lullaby contest for wives singing their husbands to sleep. [...]

Nik Aziz said the lullaby contest will strengthen family ties. "This is important. For example, a husband returns home tired and when the wife sings to him, he can sleep soundly," he said. "When he awakes, he is a happy man and this will help build a great relationship between husband and wife."

Too bad it isn't a martial lullaby contest:
and goodnight
My new fighting technique
is unstoppable

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