Monday, August 15, 2005

Mean Mr. Mustard and His Phallic Compensation

I missed this post on Planet Dan about a Cornell study that concluded, "Men who feel anxious about their masculinity are more likely to support war, buy SUVs and be hostile to gays..." Obviousness aside, one of my friends/coworkers drives a nice little pink, maybe purple, RAV with a no war in Iraq sticker on the mud flap and (at least previously) a kid's seat in the back, an example of which you can find here, at Kelly's website about crafting and antiquing (you can also see her kitties). I think Cornell needs to qualify their study with the words "large", "manly", "at least six cylinders" or some sort of cc qualifier before "SUV" lest I believe that's all the compensation Mr. Mustard can muster.

By the way, a shout out to the Mustard as he's on vacation this week, effectively putting me one car length closer to the front door each workday. It's like he left just for me.

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