Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Not Quite the Same as Leaving a Cave

City Pages' Culture to Go has a short bit about the Jesus Video Project America's goal to put a copy of the movie Jesus in everyone's mailbox by 2040. It doesn't seem a heavenly inspired move to follow the lead of AOL/TimeWarner's saturation strategy, given their lackluster performance - and it seems even less likely that the phrase "saturation evangelism" will become the next great buzz phrase (the whole trend of mixing free market economics and religion gives me something of a headache), although receiving a random, watered-down call to faith does seem to fit right in with current trends (albeit in the UK).

"...the number of people who have a real faith is now smaller than the number of people who passively "belong" to a religion. That undermines a cherished tenet of churches in Britain: that many people implicitly "believe" even if they don't explicitly belong."

On a positive note, there's a good chance, based on the mobility of American households, that it'll be the people who owned the house before you, and the people you sold your last house to, that will get the copies of the video instead of you.

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