Sunday, October 03, 2004

Twin Cities Marathon, Some Family Photos

Many of my family members enjoyed the marathon today, and not just because of the whole Kerry/Edwards theme. It seems that a marathon is just a good place to have some fun, particularly when you're not running in it.

Eryn met her first boyfriend. It was instant attraction. In the end, she explained to him that even if he couldn't walk away from their relationship, she could.

Oliver refused to share his ride - after all, there was only enough space for him and his stuff and he wasn't going anywhere without his stuff. I think he thought the Gophers would be running today.

But he and Eryn did some serious ridesharing to and from the marathon, so there were no hard feelings about the wagon.

And, finally, Eryn proves she can take a better picture than me by taking this great photo of my dad. This is pretty much what Klund and Tall Brad look like to the rest of us who aren't so tall.

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llawrat said...

Great photo. I think she has a future in this area.

John looks great.