Sunday, October 03, 2004

Tall Brad's Chili Championships, Year 2

There have been plenty of pictures and recipies from this event already published, so I shall now add mine to the mix. If anyone from the party needs nicer copies, or copies of all the photos (this is just a selection), let me know, I'll find you a nice zipped up file, or more like five or six. Poo-tee-wheet won second place this year, same place as last year! At least her chili solidly places, and it hasn't been the same both years. Personally, I preferred the North Dakotan chili, which was sans beans. I'm sort of anti-bean and anti-tomato, so if you can fulfill those criteria and still have it taste like chili, you're likely to get my vote.

These were the oldest people at the party. I'm surprised people this old even eat chili, it has to be horrible for them. But, come to think of it, my dad isn't allowed to eat chili anymore, and Monica didn't bring chili, but rather some sort of dip labeled "Horizontal Monica's Flat Chili" or maybe "Flat Monica's Horizontal Chili" or maybe even "Flat Horizontal Monica's Chili", whichever, it wasn't very chili-ish, but I hear it got at least one fourth place vote.

Here we see Christy lecturing Erik and the rest of us on how to appreciate the close, intimate bond that only two women can share when they make a chili together, a bond so tender that it requires making extra batches of chili just so they can revel in the moment. Mary questioned Brad about their reveling, much to Brad's enjoyment.

Brad leers at everyone, but here we can be sure his plan to introduce a "beads for breasts" New Orleans flavor into the ChiliFest is being met with total disdain.

Erik and Holly, laughing because they know they're going home to a house with no heat and will be lucky to live through the night if the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

Erik, thinking about Lisa and Christy making chili together. Thinking about it a lot.

Is it just me, or does it look like Poo-tee-wheet is getting ready to let loose an explicative at Mary?

I always seem to get a picture of Christy's backside at every event - I guess this one is no exception. Here she talks to Squirrel, who seems to have lost her children, and Lisa while Erik and Holly exchange sweet nothings.

Brad should have made it a "Figure out how to fix Tall Brad's Propane Lamp" contest - there was more time put into that activity than most people put into their chili.

Mean Mr. Mustard and Klund, probably laughing about some sort of PERL joke or about where they hid Squirrel's children.

What's Mr. Mustard been up to?

Ah...I see, he's been eating chili in Brad's bathroom. Yuck, Mr. Mustard.

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