Sunday, October 03, 2004

Twin Cities Kerrython

I went to the Twin Cities Marathon today. Not because I have a family member or a friend in the marathon, and not because I myself have ever run a marathon and certainly not because Pawlenty was supposedly running. I was just there because my dad said "your sister is going to watch the marathon, let's go" and that was good enough for a Sunday morning. I have to believe that Governor Pawlenty probably didn't appreciate his run too much unless he was surrounded by runners with Bush/Cheney shirts on blocking his view of the route, it was just a wee bit biased toward Kerry/Edwards, at least from where I was standing.

Here's the water stand:

Here's the closet yard to the 18 mile mark:

Here's a runner for Kerry/Edwards (and there were several others, including a lot of Run Against Bush shirts):

My nephew, Oliver, for Kerry:

Another runner for Kerry - I don't think he gets it that bumper stickers go on the back:

Your typical path to the running route (note, three Kerry/Edward signs - there were actually half a dozen in a row on both sides of the street, not including the dozens of bumper stickers on cars near the route):

And, finally, in honor of Erik who loves Atrios/Eschaton's cat blogging so much he had to remark on enjoying it on the way to afternoon coffee, Mr. Burns the cat, posing with various Kerry signs near the route - in that last picture, he's basking in the knowledge that the yard of a nurse who loves Kerry/Edwards means a sunnier yard for cats everywhere.

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