Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Two posts about Klund in a row row, My day at the playground

Actually, this one isn't about Klund and yet it is - he may feel I'm mocking his children as they recently appeared in some similar photos. However, it's more of an homage - they stimulated my interest in finding the timer button on my digital camera for no other reason than to accomplish this little bit of idiocy because I was bored after a few hours at the playground. As for Mean Mr. Mustard - why bother photoshopping pictures of me when I willingly pose for the real things. Enjoy the stupidity, but first you must be subjected to my daughter's cuteness.

Eryn in the tube slide:

I have the biggest feet in the whole world and it's because I eat Anchor Farms fruit snacks, that's Anchor Farm fruit snacks, the fruit snacks of future WNBA players everywhere, logo to be photoshopped in later pending endorsement:

Stepping up:

This isn't Eryn, but he certainly looks dashing on that horse, like a valiant knight from a bygone era, a thankfully very bygone era:

I sometimes worry I have vertigo:

Damn X's, they beat me again:

Who's that hiding on the bridge! Better watch out for the troll little guy...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................. (and don't look up my shorts! and please try to ignore the child neglect happening in the background, I have great peripheral vision, it even works around the edges of a plastic tube)


llawrat said...

Great day at the park. I really like your slide shot

Anonymous said...

You looked close to getting stuck in that tube.