Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Mountain

So, Klund takes the trouble to let us know about the funniest hour on televsion, but on the way home, I heard about the most exciting hour of television. The radio assured me that The Mountain is "like the O.C. on steroids". Having never watched The O.C., and even having to check online to see if it had periods in the acronym, I now never intend to, as The Mountain must be much better as it's creator (according to the radio) is the same creator as The O.C. and he obviously thinks his second show is better. But what's even more exciting is The Mountain's catchphrase, "At this altitude the condition is about to get nasty." Roll that one around in your pan for a while - sounds an awful lot like something The Simpson's would make up. Then consider that both TV for Teens and have write ups on it - I don't care if they like it or hate it, they shouldn't bother even considering it if the advertising uses the word "nasty". Barbara Hershey does not automatically make something t.v. for women.

By the way, go visit Klund, he's like A Nod to Nothing on steroids and, if I know him, his condition is always just about to get nasty.

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klund said...

You know, I think nasty is just what I need to get. I haven't been nasty in a while.