Saturday, September 18, 2004

Things Erik Didn't Tell Us About the Classic

Seems that by not going on the 15 miler during the Bike Classic we fortunately got to avoid witnessing a pretty serious accident. My sister, LissyJo, an RN, told me she had to stop and minister to a woman who'd fallen off her bike and couldn't remember where she was. The scene was accompanied by missing teeth, runnels of flesh flayed off the face, and a big spattering of blood v-ing away from where she'd hit. LissyJo noted that it looked like she'd fallen face first into a pile of knives or scissors. She wasn't sure how she could have been going fast enough to get hurt that bad, but sometimes if you go over the handlebars there's no saving you. Makes the accident we witnessed last year when a guy slid into the tunnel wall seem pretty mild.

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