Saturday, September 18, 2004

Mr. Mustard Broke my Digital Camera

He's probably looking for it right now and thinking, "no I didn't." And, directly, he did not - but metaphysically/spiritually/coincidentally and a bunch of other -allys, he did result in the partial death of the camera I use on a daily basis. Mere days after giving him my old Olympus, my Kodak was dropped and shortly afterwards developed a tendency to take some pictures with an overexposure. We can't say whether the dropping resulted in the problem, but it seems like suspicious timing. Not that it matters, things get dropped, we fix them - it's simply a forced way to encourage the economy. Sometime yesterday it began to take pictures with an underexposure. A severe underexposure - like they're all black. It's really not so bad, I get to pretend they're pictures or .mov(ies) of anything I like - I have naked blackmail pictures of everyone I know right now and some outtakes from the Zapruder film I'm certain no one has seen before. Figure on the grassy knoll? Two of them. Clearly Michael J. Fox next to a silver car with the doors wedged up, a gun to Biff's head while he forces him to hold the sniper rifle. Horrible!

We'll be taking it in to have it looked at for free by a local camera fix-it fellow and then it becomes a matter of is it cheaper to have it fixed, or is it cheaper to move up to a new, compatible camera (I don't want to lose my battery or chip). Either way, it puts the kybosh on my hostile takeover plans for my company's public stock - win some, lose some.


MeanMrMustard said...

Part of me wants to give you your Olympus back. The more pragmatic part of me recognizes that you'd use it to take properly-exposed blackmail pictures.

Scooter said...

Perfectly ok to keep it, Mr. Mustard - I'm still not missing it. Poo-tee-wheet will want her 4 megapixel one back or something better - she does too much printing for relatives not to have something around that does larger size photos. This is why they invented six month interest-free financing, birthdays, anniversaries and "the holidays".