Saturday, September 18, 2004

Blubber Run

I attended the James Page Blubber Run again this year - I think my 5th year less 2001 when I had a wedding to attend. I have pictures, but they're on a disposable, so I have to have them developed tomorrow after I take pictures at Erik's housewarming tonight. When I do develop them, I'll update with at least one I know is very amusing. Once again - the number of beer trucks, insufficient. The lack of a banana, appalling. The switch from grilled burgers and chicken to Subway, nauseating. Next year I may park a keg of James Page in the middle of my yard and run around it 100 times, stopping only long enough to refill and yell greetings to my neighbors. I don't have to dispose of the costume tradition simply because it's only me participating.

Never in all the years I've been there have I heard so much talk about politics. There were hundreds of people with Run Against Bush t-shirts on - if I had to make a realistic guess, I'd probably guess closer to a thousand - I saw them everywhere, only outnumbered by actual Blubber Run 2004 shirts. My favorite political item of the day, however, was a discussion being held by a few 21+ year olds who were immediately in front of me during the end of the race. One of them noted that when she was in Europe, people and their governments were always complaining about the U.S. government. Another friend noted that those governments suck.

On the way home I saw a Kerry/Edwards sticker on an SUV from Austin, Texas. I'm hoping these little sightings are spiritual signs.

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