Friday, September 17, 2004

Our Little Slice of Bush

Sigh...Mary Kiffmeyer...there are 9/10 people and there are 9/11 people. Wonder which people she thinks are Democrats and I wonder which people she thinks are Republicans. We care, you're deluded, we know, you're ignorant...if it weren't for us you'd all be threatened by terrorists with automatic weapons at the polling places...the solution, reintroduce automatic weapons and make sure the City Pages doesn't encourage anyone to vote (or anyone else who might be scared by blatant scare tactics).

I watched Channel 5's Town Hall tonight and got to listen to yet another local Republican answer the question (paraphrase) "Why isn't George Bush doing anything about Osama bin Laden"...why? "Because terrorism is bigger than just Osama bin Laden". freaking wise...did that come to him while he was sitting on the hill in Duluth calmly pondering how to complain about Star Tribune polling practices? Maybe he was interested in how to convince Minnesotans, like West Virginians, that the truly Godless are their fellow Americans. Or while he was deciding how righteous it was that conservatives boycott Proctor and Gamble because they don't think hate crime bills covering gays should be repealed? Or perhaps he was listening to the local news about how parts of Minnesota outside the Twin Cities are starting to be labeled "Rural Ghettoes" and giving himself a big high-five for the Republican policies he was so cheerfully crowing about and how they were benefiting socially conservative rural Minnesotans.

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