Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Debt Relief

Addendum: there's a good link off of The Revealer that makes this a sort of fun little tie in to the Republicans - seems they're targeting Christians via portals with "Christ-centered, for-profit corporation."(s).

Don't worry, it's a link to a picture on my site, they're not scraping your IP address from their IIS logs as we speak. French Dip sent me a very similar advertisement for a Christian mortgage service a few weeks ago. Sure, God might have good rates, but I bet Satan could find you a better rate if the terms were right. I wonder if that's what Alan Greenspan is all about - low Satanic mortgages just to keep them out of God's hands. I bet if you actually went to visit God, you could eliminate 100% of your debt, or at least 100% of caring about your debt.


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