Sunday, August 29, 2004

Been a While

While it might look like I’ve posted recently, I notice it’s been about two weeks.  It’s difficult to post while you’re on vacation – I’m not entirely sure how “professional” bloggers do it – lots of wireless and a laptop, I suppose.  I spent a good chunk of last week helping my Dad shingle his cabin – my lines are good, my knowledge is good, my speed is dirt slow – we got about 7 rows put up after over three days of shingling.  We did have to strip the roof right down to the nails they used for putting up the tar paper (ugh), but it still wasn’t very fast.  I also got a nice cut in my arm from one of the metal strips we used for the valleys – left a mark that looks like a bite.  I sort of wish the Garlough Reading Buddies program was going on so I could tell my kid all about the zombie that took a chomp out of me.


After shingling, I had two and a half days at Lanesboro with my inlaws – little biking and some shopping and pie shop visiting.  The best thing to come out of Lanesboro is that Jen and I realized Eryn needs a new nap routine – we had one night that required driving to get her to sleep and then she woke up and had a fit later as well.  So now we’re doing the brush the teeth – read a book – lay down and yell for a while, no real getting up, back down for a little longer scenario – seems to be reaping some rewards as she’s already sleeping longer and not getting up at 3:00 a.m.


Next post – some nice pictures of us in Lanesboro.

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