Saturday, July 31, 2004

This, that and the other thing - part I

Can Seinfeld sue me for using that as a title?

Well, the picture thing is a bust. I've been helping my wife try to link to Yahoo picture albums at her blog Poo-tee-wheet and having no luck at all - seems that Yahoo tries to force you to include a session id or something at the end of the JPG extension in order to force you to go through their site to see the pictures - darn annoying - but I guess it probably saves them the trouble of several billion hits to linked pictures. So, I reaquainted myself with FTP - for some reason I thought I needed to use CoffeeCup FTP or something like it, but then remembered that I could just the ftp. prefix through IE and treat the site like another directory. Works great if we do it that way through our web space. Just slow as heck on a dial-up connection.

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