Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A visit from the DNC

Probably not the DNC per se, but at least a nice Democrat who was wearing his DNC button. Where ever he is, I'd like to apologize for not handing him a soda and being a bit friendlier - over the years I've developed a paranoia about anyone who comes to my door as they are invariably either:

1.) religious
2.) selling magazines
3.) soliciting donations under the guise of a charity, but really something else (even if it's a PAC with which I agree).

top it off with trying to wash Eryn's high chair tray and conduct interroom communication with my wife, and I was a little out of it. He noted that it was really nice to see someone with a John Kerry sign in their yard (I shall get a link out here, I have a picture of said sign) and that he hadn't been to a lot of friendly doors. I at first assumed he meant in my neighborhood, but most of my neighbors seem to be immigrants (Asian and Hispanic), duplex dwellers (of which I was once one) and at least one house w/a lesbian couple, people I sort of assume are Democrats (or at least not Bushies). Of course, maybe he started on the far end of my side of the street, that seems to be the white, young crowd in the neighborhood. Or maybe he was referring to Eagan in particular, a far more Republican locale than my previous neighborhood in Richfield, and home of our illustrious Governor, Pawlenty (he's a local soccer dad).

While I don't expect this to in any way reach the door-to-door Democrat I met yesterday, I'd like to extend a virtual apology nonetheless - I owe you a beer/soda and some friendly conversation to make up for my distractedness (guess I can send an email over to Democrat central in St. Paul and see if they know who was over here yesterday - we'll see how that goes, I'm a notorious procrastinator, non-follow-up-er, generally the reason I don't volunteer myself, although I can beg off at the moment because I have a kid).

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