Tuesday, August 03, 2004

My Daughter Is Confused

So, my father in law spent his time with my fifteen month old daughter teaching her to say "Bush" in retaliation for the picture we took or her leaning against a John Kerry sign in our yard.  This might have been annoying, except that now every time she sees a fish, like when we're reading "The Cat in the Hat", she says "Bush" - I can't bring myself to explain the difference, and I'm not sure I could.  On the other hand, we received a nice card from John Kerry for donating to his campaign, complete with a postcard sized picture of him on the front - my wife tells me that Eryn found it on the steps yesterday and hauled it all over the house chanting "Daddy".  Either my wife is in trouble (and incredibly sneaky), Eryn has decided my politics are politics she shares, or Eryn has greatly misconstrued the amount of hair I have - then again, she never gets to look at it from the top unless it's time for a piggy back ride.

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