Monday, February 12, 2024

Ride into St. Paul

Last week, I took a ride down into St. Paul.  It's the winter of no snow.  I have this nice fat tire bicycle [see an earlier post], but at the moment I'm riding my road bike for the most part.

I've been bundled up: shorts, felt pants, long sleeve shirt, jersey, hoodie, winter vest, gloves, hat, balaclava.  Mr. Layers.  But I've actually stripped off the gloves, hat, and hoodie most rides once I get going.

Despite the warmth, it's obvious it's still winter here in Minnesota down by the river bluffs near the Confluence.

Beautiful frozen falls.  Although I can't help but think Tall Brad is conserving water by peeing over the cliff all winter [he lives up there somewhere].

I didn't get around to the Bicycling, Books, and Brew [coffee] part of my rides for this one.  I just packed it in at the island at the end before turning around.  Still, a nice day to just hang out and cool off for a while at the end.

Here's a nice video of the frozen falls so you can listen to what it was long along the bluffs.  Beautiful day all around.
February St Paul Ride Video

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