Sunday, February 11, 2024

Krampus at Arbeiter Brewing

Wow....I have a lot of things to blog over the last two months that I really didn't get around to....the sheer number of photos that I scraped off my phone is daunting.  I'm going to backtrack so I have some of it here on the blog.  Expect things as far back as Christmas, and maybe a bit before.  I've had a BUSY two months, not even including my wife's double knee replacement [not nearly as sexy as it sounds].

This is one of my favorite recent photos.  From Arbeiter Brewing.  I'm often there, but I went up there specifically to get my photo take with Krampus  That's Kevin the bartender under that mask.  I was amused at how many parents showed up with their 3-4 year old kids for a photo.  That dog in the background...I'm pretty sure that's the same Ikea dog Aeryn bought as their first stuffed animal purchase when they had their own money.  So it's a nice photo in that Krampus appears to be threatening me with intimate knowledge of my kid.

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