Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Books, Bicycling, and Beers 2023: Ineffable Brewing

We had a two week vacation in London, so there was a bit of a gap here.  I didn't deal much with technology while I was there other than to clear my inbox/slack at work to ensure nothing was getting orphaned while I was out of office.  But expect a lot of London photos soon, I need to catch up and get my stories in print.

Right before I left, I took advantage of the weather [it was cold enough in London we could see our breathing one morning] to get in one more brewery ride.  So May 3, 18.07 miles, 791 feet of climb.

That's the NE Hazy IPA in my glass.  It seemed the best lower alcohol option.  I certainly wasn't going to drink a Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout at 7.1% and crawl back on the bicycle in Burnsville traffic.  The traffic in that area, as you head toward the Burnsville Mall and Odyssey Theater, which I did quite a bit while Eagan had no theater pre-pandemic, is awful.  You spend as much time waiting on lights as you do making your pedals go round. I think it's probably the worst option available to me: SE, E, NE, N, NW, and W are better.  There's an arc between S and SW there that's miserable.

Ineffable Brewing Burnsville Book by:

Their beers and sign.
Ineffable Brewing Burnsville by:

The introduction from The Best Science Fiction of the Year 6, edited by Terry Carr, 1977.   I was amused at the hyperbole.  I wonder how he would have felt about self publishing and e-books.
Ineffable Brewing Burnsville Book First Paragraph by:

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